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What is  certification ?


We believe solar parks should be well-integrated into the natural landscape. But it’s not only about image – planting lush vegetation around and within solar parks draws CO2 from the air and stores carbon in the soil, thus working against climate change and improving our soils.


The environment which we rely on is in disrepair. The NISP tool focuses on rejuvenating environmental quality, ecosystem health and biodiversity. This can create benefits for soil health, water management, pollinator species, pest resistance and in turn, long-term spill-over benefits for agriculture and public wellbeing.


The needs of local stakeholders deserve attention, that’s why NISP focuses on including and listening to stakeholders throughout the management tool’s process.


The land on solar parks can be shared to create multiple benefits alongside electricity generation. NISP can answer to whatever a particular region is looking for - be that agriculture, agrivoltaics, agroforestry, recreation, bee keeping and so on.


We need to move urgently to a future with clean, renewable and self-sufficient energy, and solar parks offer a promising solution to reach these objectives. NISP is the 2.0 for solar developments - offering feasible and desirable land sharing solutions on solar park plots.


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Why certification?

1. Quality

The management tool BRL K11007 (beoordelingsrichtlijn) is packed with best-practise guidelines from science and industry knowledge, all of which sets the standard for quality actions and recognisable impact for the environment.

2. Responsibility

A certification is the best way of proving your ambition, quality and responsibility to municipalities, locals and other key stakeholders. The NISP tool puts great focus on stakeholder’s views and wishes, to help create projects which are desirable for the local area & its people.

3. Success

You can set yourself apart from the rest by gaining a certification for the solar parks you develop. What’s more, in this time where more is expected of solar parks, NISP is a wise investment and it gives you the best shot at your solar park going ahead.


1. Touch base

Fill out the contact form, and we can get in touch to arrange a meeting or a phone call.

2. Insight

We can discuss NISP step-by-step and personally answer any questions you may have.


We then discuss the solar park project you have in mind. By understanding information about the plot – its size, environmental condition, landscape, stakeholders etc., we can help you through the process of realising a Nature Inclusive Solar Park.

4. Support

Our experts will provide advice, decision making, environmental testing, maintenance plans, landscape design and also documentation which can be used towards the permit application. We also help submit evidence in the Kiwa NISP audit tool, towards the goal of certification.

5. Total coverage

In every phase of the NISP tool, the key personnel working on the project, including our landscape and ecology experts, come together for roundtable discussions. This creates occasions for cooperative decision making and an opportunity to check to see if various needs can be met.

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